yew-argh-ell said: your Kanaya cosplay is sweet, I am sups jealous. Keep it real! <3

Thanks a lot! Once it’s 100% done, I’ll be sure to get some decent pictures so you can REALLY see what it’s like. But I’m so glad everyone’s liking it so much!

Poor attempt at iphone photography is poor.
But this weekend I’ve been really SICK, really TIRED, and REEEEAAALLY EXCITED about this fancy-ish-Godtier Kanaya me and my and my grandma have been working on. Now all that’s left is wig styling and hood adjustment for the horns (and makeup but that’s later).
In case anyone’s confused, there’s 2(ish) layers for the dress. Layer 1 is there’d turtleneck + the solid black, red lined skirt. Layer 2 is the sheer “sparkle skirt” attached to the solid sparkly black corset.
I’m fond of the pendant. : D


okay so this is a super huge post of art that i drew for timid-arts. . i drew muse the pony and her super cute moth (ㅇㅅㅇ❀)
the last drawing is of my bunny (yes i changed furs again ;v; i think this one is constant though) and her moth being super cool magical girls saving the world aaw yeahh B3


This is a really mediocre picture and I’m sorry so if you think it’s you you’re probably right

Also made my space pendant last night.

Anonymous said: Are you gonna do an Amethyst and Lapis outfit? That would be beyond amazing! Or Steven, or Connie ^///^; Sorry I just love the show

There miiiiight…. :3c
I just have to get back to drawing the pony outfits, but I’ve got a few projects taking the place of the pony costumes right now.

Also, if you have a question that is purely personal, please ask it on my personal blog indidoe, instead of this one.

I’m sorry to spam with cat pictures, but the first will be the last.
I’m kinda distressed.
This is Thunder, my 16-year-old black cat. Tonight, Thunder had some heart problems, including a clot that cut off circulation to his lower half. And he started to have breathing problems.
Thunder was put down tonight.
And I miss him.



Hiya everyone, Timid here! As an artist, I’d love it if you’d consider buying some of my artwork!

What I will do:

  • Humans
  • Furries
  • Ponies
  • Feral
  • Light/Fantasy Gore

What I will not do:

  • Hateful works
  • Heavy gore
  • Below-the-waist nudity
  • Super complicated mechanical stuff

If you’re interested, ask me in my inbox or at! It shouldn’t take me too long to get through a piece, but I’ll let you know if it’ll take longer than expected.

  • Slot one: open
  • Slot two: open
  • Slot three: open
  • Slot  four: open
  • Slot five: open

pony outfit 3/5 (you sure know who this is for don’cha)